The main wealth and most valuable assets of our enterprise are and will ever be people: high-class specialists, scientists, designers, technologists, production experts implementing all the works associated with development, production and operation of missiles and rocket-space systems. Their professionalism and satisfaction with the work results are the basis of our success. The personnel and social policy exercised by us pursues objective to be competitive in fighting for highly qualified staff. Investing money not only into innovative projects and advanced production, but also into intellectual growth of the unique team of the company and employee social assistance, into science and education we are planning for the future.

Our staff is by right considered one of the most competent and professional and that is the logic result of the Company’s top management policy exercised, when interacting with personnel and this factor facilitates further success and achievements of the Company.

Even though our enterprise is situated in vicinity of Moscow and it is difficult for us to compete with salaries common for the capital city, the times, when people preferred to work in commercial entities, are over. On the contrary, this day the majority chooses stability, confidence in the future, officially declared salary and employment benefits. All of that is fully provided by JSC MIC NPO Mashinotroyenia.  

Since the fraction of long-term developments is very high at our enterprise, and then the products are supposed to be in operation for even longer time including their upgrading, the staff should be motivated to work at the Company for a sufficient period. That is why the Company is successfully introducing ten basic lines of its personnel and social policy:

1. Guarantee that all employees of JSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia will have respectful, creative atmosphere in their working groups, open and transparent wage system, regular wage payment, annual paid leave, protection of rights and interests under the terms of collective agreements concluded with the trade union organization.

2.  Besides interesting and responsible work in high-tech defense and civil areas, we ensure the wage level which is higher than average level in the Moscow region. Along with this, our Company was one of the first in the region to raise its minimum wage to the minimum living wage for the Moscow region and updates this value every quarter of a year depending upon official figures.

3.  NPO Mashinostroyenia has incorporated targeted training for specialists to employ them further within the company. We also sign the contracts for apprenticeship and further employment in basic specialty-related departments with the most talented and successful students from 4th to 6th year of education. They receive additional decent scholarships and extra training courses, if required.

4. The Company realizes the program for targeted training of engineering personnel at the Aerospace Department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, which is one of the country’s leading universities, located in the company’s premises.   Leading specialists of JSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia participate in educational process. Students do a continuous internship in different departments of the Company; participate in scientific and development efforts for creation of advanced models of rocket and space hardware, splitting their appointments. The result is that they do not only acquire deep theoretical knowledge by the end of education but also become excellent practioners.

5. JSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia exercises an approach, when young specialists joining the company are given salaries not less than the company’s average value for the first years of their work.  They are also supported by various allowances and subsidies, and in case of active, responsible and creative attitude to their work, immediately after graduation from the college they are appointed to executive positions.

6. The Company realizes successfully different programs for retention of its key executives, who are required for execution of priority projects and modern management of the enterprise. Particularly, this includes arrangement of favorable terms for purchasing homes in the city of Reutov, Moscow Region.

7. The Company lends financial and organizational support to those of its employees, who want to improve their qualification level in different educational institutions, including MBA business administration program.

8. Workers can pursue for postgraduate studies in the Company or targeted postgraduate classes in Bauman Moscow State Technical University. Employees, who are under 40 years and defended their PhD thesis, as well as their research supervisors, receive decent material reward from the Company’s management.

9. The Company pays a great attention to recreation of its employees as well as their children and grandchildren. The Company possesses modern recreation center by the Black Sea and children’s recreation camp, located on the border of Moscow and Vladimir regions. Vouchers are provided to employees and their family members at privileged price.

Treatment and recreation of Ñompany’s employees are performed in the proprietary clinic, incorporated in the structure of Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia. Employees, who need sanatorium-resort therapy, are provided with adjustment, which is up to 50% of voucher cost.

Great attention is also paid to public catering. There are cafeteria and canteen, which provide hot meals. Meal prices are partially compensated by the Company.

10. Ever growing contribution is made into support of veterans, retiring from the Company. Besides a weighty social package, the Company started extra pays from its own profits to retiring workers. Efforts are also under way to grant the title “Veteran of Labour” to every veteran of NPO Mashinostryenia, which gives them benefits, when paying for public utilities. We established Veterans’ trade union for nonworking pensioners of our Company. This organization provides not only physical and material support to the retired workers, who took a well-deserved rest, but it also involves them in different social activities.