The mobile shore-based missile complex Bastion with the versatile self-guided ASM “Yakhont” is intended to destroy surface ships of different classes and types, which constitute a part of landing units, escorts, ship groups and aircraft carriers, as well as single ships and land radio-contrast targets under conditions of heavy firing and radio-electronic jamming.

There are    no strict requirements for the accuracy of targeting as ASM “Yakhont” flight time is short with the long range of seeker operation.

“Bastion" mobile shore-based missile complex with ASM “Yakhont” features the following advantages: fully independent combat operation of ASM, a package of adaptive trajectories and high supersonic speed throughout the whole trajectory. As well the complex effectively operates under radio electronic jamming and heavy fire. The complex is highly mobile and concealed. It is compact with the minimum required maintenance and minimum operational crew.

“Bastion” mobile shore-based missile complex comprises:
- ASM “Yakhont” in transportation launching canister;
- self-propellant launchers;
- mobile control post;
- equipment of information-technical interface of the complex armament with the Customer’s armed forces control links of the higher level;
- light crew support vehicle;
- missile replenishment vehicle;
- maintenance facilities;
- training facilities.

Functionally the complex can have a helicopter targeting system.

The fully charged and armed missile is stored in the sealed canister with compactly folded wings and fins. All routine checks can be conducted without missile removal from the canister.