During the whole its history JSC MIC Mashinostroyenia always has been the principal designer of cruise missiles for the Russian Navy. The company implemented the state defense program of arming the Navy with the cruise missile complexes deployed on ships, submarines and ground platforms.

The fact that today the most powerful and efficient ships of the Russian Navy are equipped with the missile complexes developed by our company highlights the successes achieved by our company in this area. As a result of rigorous work of designers, manufacturers and investigators, the National Navy received for decades the most sophisticated types of missile complexes surpassing the world known analogues.

At different time the company was charged with the more and more complicated tasks constantly of national importance. In the 1950s Chelomey's company was entrusted to arm the ocean submarine fleet with the cruise missiles capable to defend the Motherland frontiers confronting with the growing military power of USA and their NATO allies.

In the following years regardless of rich experience in development of cruise missile complexes, the designing and testing of each next vehicle set the new difficult tasks for their developers including both analytical and theoretical problems, as well as design and engineering. And at every turn the original ideas, creative approach and well-coordinated efforts of the company's personnel allowed to solve these problems and to strengthen the defense shield of the Fatherland with the new robust weapon.

Today JSC «MIC «NPO Mashinostroyenia» is creating the up-to-date, advanced missile complexes based on the anti-ship cruise missiles, extending the life of missiles on duty with Navy.

That is the missile weapon complexes with anti-ship missiles «Granit», “Vulkan”, «Progress» and «Malakhit». The company's specialists are keeping watch of all JSC “MIC “NPO Mashinostroyenia”cruise missiles launched by Ministry of Defense , they collect the telemetry data of all trials for further detailed study and analysis. That allows to forecast the missile perspectives for future.

Developments of anti-ship missiles are in progress under military and technical cooperation programs with foreign partners.